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6 Compelling Reasons To Digitize Your Sales Process

I was four years old when the World Book Encyclopedia salesman came to our house. He was offering 22 volumes of glorious learning and entertainment. We were hooked. My mom bought the set, and I used those books to write papers and look up facts all the way through high school.

The days of traveling encyclopedia and vacuum cleaner salesmen are long gone.

Today, B2B companies are facing similar challenges. Sales reps are no longer pounding the pavement and setting up in-person sales meetings to show customers the newest widget, share printed PDF sell sheets, or offer a product demo. Now, sales transactions are taking place digitally and the sales cycle has been shortened to epic proportions.

It’s time to knock down the silos.

Data integration is key to allowing your sales, marketing, and customer success teams to unify data and work towards a common goal. If your organization is storing data in different silos within the company, you lack important insights into your sales pipeline and lose control of brand content and consistency. Your sales team needs good quality data to efficiently and effectively connect with your buyers. 

When you digitize your sales and marketing content, you can provide access to everyone within your organization via a sales enablement mobile app. Companies that prioritize sales enablement technology and value sales collateral and relevant content are more likely to support their sales team and achieve higher revenue growth.

If you’re not already digital, you’re falling behind.

Gone are the days of printed catalogs and 3-ring binders full of outdated sales and marketing materials. When you incorporate a sales enablement mobile app to digitize your product and services, branded marketing materials, invoices, quotes, and more, you give everyone in your organization access to the same information in real-time, from anywhere at any time.

Digital selling benefits everyone.

When your clients are at the center of all of your sales and marketing strategies, then all channels work together so that everyone benefits. Your sales team is freed up to create more nurturing relationships with customers and prospects. When your company can successfully digitize your sales process, your entire organization is rewarded with higher profit margins. 

Here are 6 reasons why digitizing your sales process will impact your bottom line:

1. Create a consistent experience both online and offline

The distinction between online and offline communications is becoming irrelevant. The line is completely blurred. Today’s clients want it all. Your customers want to get in touch with you anywhere and anytime – whether it’s in-person, via email, over the phone, through social media, on your website, or through countless other channels. 

2. Give clients instant access to information

In this modern age of connectedness, with smartphones and mobile apps for everything, your clients want to have access to it all – right now. B2B customers want to be able to reach your sales and marketing content immediately. They want instant information – such as pricing, product images, and important content and documents that help them make an informed decision. The right information must be instantly attainable to help speed up the sale.

3. Empower sales team with modern sales enablement tools

Companies that prioritize sales enablement technology and value sales collateral and relevant content are more likely to support their sales team and help them close more deals. Sales enablement tools allow your sales team to interact across channels, deliver personalized, relevant digital content, and engage with clients and prospects. By creating a sound content strategy, you are providing consistent, effective information that resonates with customers and builds stronger relationships.

4. Use digital selling to shorten the sales cycle

Are your sales reps leaving voice mails or sending emails, then waiting for clients to contact them? When you digitize your sales process, you no longer chase clients or send a paper trail to try and close the deal. A sales enablement mobile app can help your sales team present information, get the sale, and send out a contract – all online and with instantaneous results.

5. Develop upselling and cross-selling opportunities

Once you’ve knocked down the silos for sales, marketing, and customer success, your sales reps can easily find opportunities to upsell and cross-sell current clients and prospects. For example, what if you provide insurance services. A client calls you to set up life insurance policies for his children, but after reviewing his information you realize he should increase his own life insurance, and you can also save him money on his homeowner’s insurance. 

6. Invest in a sales enablement mobile app platform

Mobile apps have a much higher importance in digital transformation than many organizations realize. A mobile app can take your business to the next level. You can make use of the latest technologies and show your customers and prospects, as well as your competitors, just how adaptable you are.

The more digital the world becomes, the more important it is for sales reps to add value to the customer’s buying journey. At the end of the day, digital selling is about creating and nurturing your relationships with customers and prospects.

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