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6 Strategic Ways To Empower Your Mobile Workforce

How far away is your mobile phone right now? If you were one of my kids, I would say it’s in your hand. I think they even cuddle it in their sleep.

I might be exaggerating (a little), but our mobile devices are extremely important to how we work and play. According to a recent Forbes article, since 2011, more people worldwide own cell phones than toothbrushes. The number of mobile users across the globe is now estimated at over 3.7 billion – and growing.

With the technology we have available today, we’re connected to the information we need – practically anywhere and at any time. It makes sense that your employees should have the ability to work on their own terms. Empowered employees feel more capable and in control of how they work and get things done.

Here are 6 strategic ways mobility can empower your workforce:

Work from anywhere
When employees work from outside the office, their productivity increases. If your job calls for you to be on the go – such as a sales rep, real estate broker, insurance agent – you work everywhere. Having the ability to access important information through mobile devices enables your employees to effectively do their jobs.

Work when most productive
I like to say I’m a night owl, but I’m probably most productive from about 10am to 3pm. However, I have several friends who get up at 5am and hit the ground running. Others may send me emails at midnight. If your employees can work when they are at their peak performance – and from wherever they happen to be – they will get more done in a shorter timeframe. 

Get real-time information on the go
When employees have access to up-to-date, pertinent data on the go, they can stay informed and pass those details directly on to clients and prospects in real-time. Rather than going back to the office and sending an email, your sales team can pull up information during a meeting and answer client questions instantly.

Build trust with customers and prospects
It’s all about customer satisfaction. The most successful organizations know that having happy customers is one of the best measures of success. If you can meet your customers where they are in the sales cycle and take them to the next level, they will remain loyal to you.

Increase workflow
When you have access to resources on-demand, materials can be gathered and shared instantly with employees and clients. If an employee is on vacation and gets a call from a client or a manager needs a report for a presentation, they can pull it up on a mobile device and share it immediately. 

Process information quicker
Your employees and sales team in the field can electronically transmit invoices and request-for-quote forms to the home office or directly to the client. Being able to send information digitally shortens the sales cycle and helps increase cash flow.

With today’s technology and the prevalence of mobile devices, the mobile workforce will only grow bigger and stronger. By aligning your business strategy with a workforce mobility plan, you can drive productivity and open new doors for growth in your organization.

On that note, I’m going to grab my mobile phone and get some work done. And maybe brush my teeth.

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