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8 Mobile Technology Trends To Watch In 2020

The advancements in mobile applications and technology will be game changing in 2020. It’s time for organizations to jump on the movement and create a digital transformation. New trends and technologies are emerging in mobile app technology almost every day.

Here are some of the mobile technology trends that CatalystXL is watching for 2020:

Companies need a digital strategy – now
The benefits of digital technologies are enormous. Organizations are realizing the importance of digital technology, but they have yet to take the leap from manual to a digital transformation. They need to invest in the right infrastructure, processes, and resources with a vision that aligns to the organization’s objectives in the long term.

Hire talent that embraces digital technology
Companies that focus on finding the right technology talent, while at the same time taking advantage of in-house resources they already have, will be ahead of the digital game in 2020. In addition, organizations will need to work with like-minded suppliers that align with their technology focus.

Create a digitally empowered and connected workforce
With the prevalence of mobile phones and tablets, we’re connected to the information we need – practically anywhere and at any time. It makes sense that employees should have the ability to work on their own terms. A digitally-connected work environment is linked to higher employee satisfaction, retention, and engagement with employers. Learn more in our blog: 6 Strategic Ways To Empower Your Mobile Workforce

AI as a Service
The combining of the SaaS business model with Artificial Intelligence (AI) services could bring AI to the masses without the heavy price tag. Many large companies are using AI to offer machine learning and training materials for employees. There may also be a movement to more specific AI tasks being offered as a subscription in 2020.

Intelligence Amplification
Intelligence amplification is the idea that technologies can assist human intelligence, rather than being composed of technologies that create an independent artificial intelligence. Intelligence amplification works to enhance a human’s own intelligence, to improve a human decision-maker’s function, or capability in some way. For example, smart forms and filters with intelligence amplification can drive better decision-making, and companies can create simple request-for-quote forms and make it easier to fill out order submissions.

XaaS  – Everything as a Service 
Everything as a Service has been building up for years now, but 2020 will be the year it goes completely mainstream. XaaS covers the full range of IT services delivered in the cloud and on a subscription basis. The XaaS model offers an alternative to outdated, legacy infrastructure and provides scalability, modernization, and reduces the time to deliver digital services.

Prescriptive Analytics
Until now, analytics have been mostly focused on both descriptive and predictive applications. Prescriptive usage is where the tool in question would deliver options for how to take advantage of the results of descriptive and predictive analytics. And, some proscriptive functions might start showing up in more widely adopted analytics tools in 2020.

User and Customer Experience
Creating a digital transformation is closely tied to user and customer experience (UX/CX), and will continue to drive businesses to invest in digital transformation. In addition, improvements in connectivity (5G and WiFi 6), compute capabilities, (cloud, machine learning), smart automation (AI and Intelligence Amplification), and intuitive user interfaces will make 2020 a year for UX/CX transformations.

What mobile app technologies are you most interested in seeing in 2020?

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