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8 Reasons To Digitally Transform Your Sales Process Today

Today’s products and services are evolving more quickly than ever. And, your sales promotions, content, and resources need to keep up with them. The frequent release of new features, product updates, and pricing changes can become overwhelming.

It’s important that your organization has an easy way to provide your sales team with the information they need, when they need it, and receive ongoing feedback to continually make the sales process better.

You may struggle to keep your sales reps up-to-date on the latest product offerings, pricing, training tactics, and more. Gone are the days of long, boring print catalogs, 3-ring binders, PDFs, and stand-alone videos no one ever reads or watches.

It’s time to create a complete digital transformation of your sales process. By digitizing your sales program, you can arm your sales reps with the tools they need to succeed in the field and close more deals.

Here are 8 reasons to digitize your sales process:

Save time and money
A mobile sales enablement system, like the CatalystXL mobile app, allows you to share product information, content updates, pricing revisions, and more with your sales team in the field. The average office worker today generates 10,000 sheets of paper per year, according to RoadRunner’s blog. Digitizing your content means going paperless, saving money, and saving time searching for files and documents.

Enhance performance and productivity
With all of your business data, content, and resources available in real-time on a mobile device, you and your employees can access it at any time, from anywhere. Sales reps can communicate with customers and prospects while on the go and shorten the sales cycle. 

Provide instant updates
Have a new product to launch? Upload it into your mobile sales enablement app and share the information instantly to everyone. Your team will be accessing the most up-to-date collateral and branded content. Need to make a price change? Update the information in seconds. 

Think global
With a mobile app, your services can be provided globally. You can also use geolocation tools to track where your products and services are being used around the world.

Add value for customers
Make it easy for customers and prospects to work with you by providing smart forms, such as requests for quotes, invoicing, and more. In addition, collect feedback from your clients about the sales process and how you can improve. 

Increase sales
By going digital, your sales team can shorten the sales cycle. Relevant information is available in real-time and can be accessed anywhere and at anytime. Content can be updated to share the latest product offerings, pricing, and eLearning tools. Instead of using printed materials and classroom lectures, sales reps can receive training directly in the app. They can learn on their terms and get back to selling more quickly.

Share information and best practices
With a digital platform, sales reps and employees can instantly receive company push notifications regarding updated products and services, price changes, and new promotions. With access to all of the available tools, content, and resources, they can share best practices with their peers. Shared experiences can help increase overall team productivity and morale, as well as help close more sales. 

Collect data
As an organization, you can collect data and analytics to track results and report on key performance indicators. For instance, you can see who logs into the app and how often they use it. You can track which products or services are selling the most. Using geolocation tools, you can determine which markets or regions are performing the best.

It’s time to digitize your collateral, sales materials, and 3-ring binders and bring them into the mobile era. You can improve your sales process, gain efficiencies, create better content, support your sales team, and increase your sales. It’s time to implement a mobile sales enablement solution!

Want to learn more about the CatalystXL mobile app, and how we can help you create a digital transformation in your company? Visit the CatalystXL website.

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