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9 Simple Ways Mobile Learning Engages Your Workforce

Do you have a mobile phone? It would be easier to ask who doesn’t have a mobile phone. Mobile learning empowers your workforce to learn and train on their mobile devices.

As of June 2019, according to data from SlickText, 96% of Americans own a mobile phone of some kind. And, smartphone usage is expected to increase to 77% of the global population by 2025.

In our personal lives, mobile devices are changing the way we shop, plan, communicate, and more. Your employees are glued to their phones at work, too. It just seems natural to use mobile devices to train and learn as well.

What is Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning means using a mobile device to help you learn or train for work. Mobile learning isn’t just eLearning that’s designed for mobile phones and tablets. It’s a type of training that uses the advantages of mobile technology to create better and more focused training materials for your employees.

Here are 9 ways mobile learning benefits your workforce and your organization:

Boosts productivity

Mobile learning makes it easier for employees to start and complete training by allowing them to use their mobile devices. Distractions at work can slow down training or learning at the office. By using a mobile device, employees can learn on their own time schedule and at their own pace. 

Improves recall and retention

Research suggests that mobile learning drives better outcomes because it breaks learning up into bite-sized content. Mobile is made for delivering microcontent and information that’s easy to digest. In addition, knowledge is more likely to be easily absorbed, retained, and recalled when needed.

Drives up adoption rates

Mobile learning is convenient, and convenience drives up the chances of adoption. Learning may be happening during downtime or in the minutes before the next meeting, so it’s important to make information easy to consume.

Empowers learners via flexibility

Mobile learning takes flexibility to a whole new level. Mobile allows your employees to learn when they want – anywhere and at any time. On top of that, content comes in all types of multi-media formats, such as videos, podcasts, infographs, and more. Employees can learn in a format that works best for them.

Maintains consistency of content

Consistency is key to training throughout your organization. With mobile learning, every employee accesses the exact same material, no matter where or when they choose to learn. Employees can also learn across multiple devices and receive the same training, and content is updated in real-time to provide the most current resources.

Connects employees

Engaging learners and creating online learning communities is more effective when using mobile devices. This is a big advantage of mobile learning. Your staff can share information and collaborate with their peers to learn more about your organization.

Values employees

Employees who feel connected to their companies are more likely to stay loyal and work for the company for a longer time. By providing mobile learning and training to employees, you’re letting them know that you value their growth and their time. 

Provides reminders and notifications

With mobile learning, your organization can provide learners with alerts, notifications, and reminders. Employees can be reminded to finish a training session, alerted when new training is available, and notified to finish training before the course is closed. In addition, employees can easily pick up their coursework where they last left off, without losing any previous content. 

Reduces costs

With traditional training in a classroom, you incur costs for the instructor, location, travel, and educational materials. Employees also must take time out of their busy days to travel to the classroom. Mobile learning allows your employees the freedom to train and learn wherever they might be – with little cost to your organization. 

As you develop your plans for employee training and mobile learning, keep in mind that you can incorporate an enterprise mobile app to help you reach your goals. Mobile phone use continues to grow and now is the time to leverage a mobile app to empower and train your employees.

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