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An Emerging Truth: Digital Transformation And No-Code App Markets Are Linked And On The Rise

After nearly six months of operating during a pandemic, some universal truths are surfacing for businesses. The most important? The need to accelerate digital transformation to meet the new needs of remote work — and how to do that cost-effectively. And the second? That no-code apps are an ideal candidate to satiate this need. We’ve been hinting at this for a while now, which you can read about in more detail here and here. But what started as a few, thoughtful hunches, are now emerging as realities we can’t ignore. New reports now indicate exponential growth in both the digital transformation and no-code app spaces, highlighting just how significant — and how connected — these trends really are.

Let’s look at digital transformation first. Organizations across the globe have made upgrading their tech a top priority to support and engage a newly-remote audience, with easy access to the content, peers and information their end users need.

According to a new report by Reportlinker, the global digital transformation market is expected to grow from $469.8B in 2020 to $1.0098 trillion by 2025, with adoption of cloud services and IoT tech as common line items. Having effective solutions with strong ROI that cater to a widespread user base has moved from the peripheral to front and center, and can no longer be treated as an afterthought as organizations fight to stay not just functional, but competitive as well. It’s clear that industry leaders are prioritizing tech and finding ways to throttle up knowledge sharing, workflow, and operations. 

These leaders are also looking to get the greatest bang for their buck, because another reality of the pandemic is that budgets are tight, and new, albeit necessary, tech can be expensive. In fact, Gartner predicts worldwide IT spending will decline 7.3% this year. That may sound counter-intuitive, but it shows just how much of a premium organizations are putting on doing more with less. To solve this, businesses have been turning to cost-effective options that deliver big impact, and one such low-cost, heavy-hitting solution is no-code apps. This trend is gaining so much traction, the global no-code/low-code development platform market is predicted to grow to $187B by 2030, from $10.3B in 2019 — a more than 1,700% increase — according to P&S Intelligence.

These apps save organizations time and money by eliminating exorbitant spend on armies of IT consultants and lengthy integration times. Plus, their systems often come pre-built, and are easily customizable, so teams can modify their app’s capabilities on-the-fly as needs change. Using no-code apps, businesses on a budget can greatly optimize their resources and improve productivity without breaking the bank.

At CatalystXL, we understand the link between these two markets — and you could argue that we built our business at the intersection of them. People need budget-friendly digital solutions now more than ever, and our no-code platform lets any organization implement and scale the most powerful and intuitive content system on the market today, in under 48 hours, across any device and system. We make valuable information instantly available to anyone, anywhere, in whatever the format you choose. 

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