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Are Your Workers Wasting Time Searching For Information?

How often are your employees searching for documents? They know the document exists, but where does it live? – in Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Slack, email… the list goes on. And if they find it, are they sure it’s the most up-to-date version?

Let’s be real. Very few enterprise organizations were doing a great job at digital transformation even before Covid-19. Most companies were considering ways to create a better digital presence, but it takes dedication to foster change and the payoff often takes longer than expected.

In many ways, Covid-19 sped up the process of digital transformation. Employees began working remotely, which meant that it was more difficult to interact with co-workers while working at home. Technology also had to bridge the gap and give remote workers reliable internet and digital tools to be able to do their jobs.

As the pandemic progressed and we reached a “new normal,” enterprise organizations were able to take a moment and re-evaluate this new way of working. Being forced to embrace digital transformation helped us accelerate our thinking and gave us a new appreciation of important concepts, such as remote work, people-centered processes, and content management.

According to a McKinsey report, employees spend 1.8 hours every day – or 9.3 hours a week, on average – searching for and gathering information.

Are your workers wasting time searching for information?

• 49% of employees have trouble locating documents
• 43% have trouble with document approval requests and document sharing
• 33% struggle with document version

Here are 9 ways enterprise organizations can create better searching, efficiencies, and positive growth:

Increase Productivity

Information overload slows productivity and critical thinking. With an enterprise mobile platform, your employees can receive critical information via a private channel that’s relevant to them. For instance, the sales team would have access to everything that helps them do their jobs, and the marketing channel would have access to their own internal content.

Make Content Accessible

Your content, resources, and communications may be disorganized and siloed in different departments and divisions. An enterprise mobile platform can give your employees access to the information they need right on their mobile device. Employees can search within the app and quickly and easily find the resources they need in real-time.

Empower Employees To Work Anywhere

Flexibility is quickly becoming a top-ranking employee benefit. Millennial workers value their time and convenience very highly. An enterprise mobile platform allows remote and in-office workers to access the relevant content and information they need from any location, and at any time. Smartphones give employees the ability to easily take care of many day-to-day responsibilities right on their mobile phones.

Collaborate Across Departments

One of the major challenges for enterprises in 2021 is the siloed nature of employees working from their homes. Collaboration tools are key. The next generation of technology, and specifically collaboration tools, will continue to grow and strengthen the digital workforce. Collaboration tools will lead to knowledge workers who are 34% happier with their workplace culture.

Expedite Employee Onboarding

Adding new recruits to your organization can be a challenge. An enterprise mobile platform can provide trainees with a central repository of your business and content management information. A mobile platform allows new employees the power to self-learn, understand your organization, and get up to speed quickly.

Decrease Interruptions

When information is ready-made and easy to find via search, it’s no longer necessary to email co-workers or put in support tickets that aren’t needed. When employees are able to find the information they need, it frees them up to concentrate on more important issues.

Create Standardized Processes

Information that’s entered haphazardly in different files and folders only causes confusion. Your organization must create proper documentation so that your business processes are followed by all of your employees. When your workforce is in sync with your organization, employees can easily deliver quality work in less time.

Provide Training and Opportunities

It’s important that enterprise organizations take the time to train employees. Professional learning and development on the job matters, especially for remote employees. A no-code enterprise mobile platform allows employees to train and learn right on their smartphones. That means employees can learn anytime and anywhere, even if they only have a few minutes to spare.

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Consider an enterprise mobile app

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