Activate Your Knowledge

Our easy-to-use cloud-based content management system enables your administrators to perform fully automated, real-time updates – and manage all content, media, and communications from one place.

One Device. Every Answer.

Make valuable information instantly available to everyone – colleagues, customers, suppliers and business partners – whatever the format. 


Bite-sized flashcard content such as video, text, images and web embeds – easy to locate, consume, and retain.

Real-Time Updates

Real-time content pushed to the app – always up-to-date, always a source of truth.


Concentrated and casual study made easy – on-demand, information-rich courses anytime, anywhere from a smartphone or tablet (no desk required).

Intelligence Amplification

Smart forms and filters help surface mission-critical content – helping get fast answers to pressing questions.

Company Communication

Everything important and timely, from product releases to knowledge updates to special pricing to promotions – posted and delivered in real-time.

Your Content, Your Way.

Designed with end users in mind, so they can customize their experience and easily manage their teams, content, media and communications all in one place. 

Content Editor

 Easily add, change or remove a variety of content – images, videos, text and web embeds.

Style Editor

Create a unique look with a few clicks to select font, size, style, colors and configurations.

Team Access

Grant contributors permission in-system so they can add and share content.

Customizable Layouts

Organize files in deck-and-card format for any content type – video, images, audio, text, web embeds.

Drag-and-Drop Management

Add content and images directly to the app from a desktop or smartphone.

Manage App Permissions

Assign content by group, team, or individual – including clients and business partners.

Knowledge Top-to-Bottom, Now Front-to-Back .

CatalystXL took a science-backed method of learning, and applied it to the present-day business environment. Our Cardware™ approach displays high-level information on one side of a digital flashcard, and deeper, scrollable detail on the flip side. Our cards can deliver any kind of content, in virtually any format. 

Make an image worth a thousand taps

This type of card is great for charts, infographics, and photos, and does not need a lot of text to tell the story. A full-bleed image is featured on the front, and an image can also appear on the back.