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How B2B Customers Are Redefining Brand Experience In 2021

Every part of our lives has been turned upside down by Covid-19. We’re working at home. We hoard toilet paper and wear masks. Our kids are learning remotely and many parents are juggling work and home schooling.

These stressed out people are the workforce that will be buying your products and services. And brand experience matters to them. Now more than ever, B2B companies must build digital platforms that are personal, compelling, and contribute to an overall excellent brand experience.

Customer experience and loyalty are changing in ways we’ve never seen before. B2B companies have an average customer experience score of less than 50%, far lower than the 65% to 85% for B2C companies.

Here are 9 crucial strategies for reinventing the digital brand experience in 2021:

B2B companies must embrace customer experience

Many B2B companies say that customer experience is a priority, but their actions don’t show that they are following through on that claim. COVID-19 is changing the way that global organizations do business. B2B companies are realizing that a customer experience strategy gives them an advantage over the competition.

B2B customer experience starts with employees

It’s important to understand the relationship between customer experience and employee experience. Your employees are the face of your company. They are making decisions about how customers connect with your organization. If employees enjoy their work and are happy at your organization, that positive experience rubs off on your customers, too.

B2B customers want omnichannel interactions

B2B customers interact with companies through many different channels. A client may look up information on your website, try the chatbot feature to get answer to a question, but then end up sending a message to your help desk. Customers want a consistent experience. A complete omnichannel experience unites all of the client data to get an understanding of the customer’s needs. Going forward in the new normal, a strong omnichannel approach as it relates to tracking digital interactions is crucial.

B2B customers want you to engage with them

Want to know what your customers like? Use digital platforms to engage in direct conversations with them. Tailor their digital and brand experiences to best meet the customer’s need, and then offer content and services that are relevant to them.

B2B customers are opting for self-service options

Customer preferences are also evolving. In the past, customers preferred speaking with a live agent and would have avoided using a chatbot. But, chatbot technology has become more conversational, more intelligent, and much more useful to customers. Some questions can be answered relevantly simply. For example, what are you hours of operation?

B2B customers want personalized experiences

While self-service options, such website FAQs, chatbots, and contact centers can help customers with basic information, clients also want a personal touch. They want you to know their story, situation, and preferences when working with your company. Personalized touch points and concierge treatment can help strengthen long-term relationships as companies grow and adapt.

B2B customers want to see your personality

Your brand tells a story. Websites – and even a mobile app – are a great way to show your brand personality and showcase what makes your organization different and unique. A great digital content strategy can show a brand’s human side and let that personality shine through. Publish content that reinforces the brand, such as white papers, blogs, case studies, infographs, and more.

B2B customers connect with visual media

To build a rich brand experience, B2B companies need to consider how to evoke reactions on multiple screens. Websites and mobile apps are purely visual media. Video, photography, and animation can capture your organization’s personality and brand story.

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B2B customers need an enterprise mobile platform

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