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Digital Customer Experience: Gaining Loyalty In 2021

Your customers care about digital. But, they don’t think about their customer experiences as digital or traditional. Customers are only interested in interacting with organizations when it is most convenient for them, regardless of the channel.

Many enterprise organizations say that customer experience is a priority, but their actions don’t show that they are following through on that claim. B2B companies are realizing that a customer experience strategy gives them an advantage over the competition. Salesforce conducted a survey  and found that 76% of customers expected companies to understand their needs and expectations. 

What exactly is digital customer experience?

Digital customer experience is the online journey your customers go through while they interact with your organization. For instance, customers research your products on the web, reach out to customer support, or use your mobile app. Using digital channels, your customers are engaging with you via their computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Digital customer experience deals with online platforms, such as desktop and mobile, and provides experiences via websites, landing pages, social media content, and mobile apps. When your customers are interacting with your brand through the internet or a mobile app, it’s a digital experience.

Here are 7 ways your organization can gain loyalty and engage customers in 2021:

Create a seamless digital experience

The number of digital channels now available to customers makes it much more difficult to create a seamless digital experience. Customers move between these platforms and channels during a single journey. But customers don’t care about how they get there, they just want an omnichannel experience. They want to have their hands held every step of the way.

Interact online and via mobile

Digital customer experience means interacting with customers online – on a website, landing page, or social channels. In addition, an enterprise mobile app can provide another digital channel for customers to receive assistance and find self-help tools.

When customers engage with you, they have a perception of how well you are doing as far as customer service. A recent study found that over 65% of customers said that their experience with a website or mobile app is an important factor to recommend a brand.

Incorporate live chat and chatbots

Live chat is a feature that can be used on an organization’s website or via a messaging platform. Customers can use chat as a quick medium to reach out for support. A chatbot is a tool that shares automated answers to basic questions and can then be handed off to a live person if the situation demands.

Close the customer loop

Closing the feedback loop means follow up with customers who have had negative feedback or a bad experience. Reaching out to these customers to correct a problem is a powerful way to turn a bad experience into a good one. This effort could even strengthen loyalty and the customer relationship.

Use video to deliver customer support

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Show, don’t tell.” In this case, customer experience uses video to show customers how to do something. For instance, a customer is trying to log in to your mobile app, but it’s not working. The company can create quick videos “showing” how to log in effectively. Customers enjoy being able to self-serve without depending on human intervention.

Omnichannel support

Regardless of the support channel a customer uses to reach out to you initially, customers want their experience with a company to be seamless. Customers expect an organization to have a record of all of the current history for that client. For instance, a client may have interacted with a chatbot, and then received a call back from an agent for further assistance. The agent may have referred the client to a video that helped them solve their issue.

Consider an enterprise mobile platform

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