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Enterprise Training: Implement Microlearning To Empower Employees

Why is microlearning such a hot topic these days? The concept has been around for over a century. Fast forward to modern times, and in elementary school, most of us learned our multiplication tables studying with flashcards. In high school, we quizzed each other in biology, chemistry, or geometry with questions handwritten on index cards.

The point being: At some time, we have all used microlearning to study and more easily retain and remember information. Microlearning involves short, targeted bits of information that are easier to learn and comprehend in the modern workforce.

One of the main reasons microlearning has come back into the limelight is its ability to make learning more interesting and engaging without taking up too much time. And let’s face it, we are all pulled in so many directions with work, family, and multitude of other distractions.

Microlearning and modern mobile devices

Paper flashcards have been around since the 1800’s. By 1923, flashcard use was so ubiquitous that the term first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary. The combination of flashcards and microlearning provides the perfect way to study. Have 15 minutes? You can quiz yourself with flashcards. But, better yet, enterprise organizations can provide training to employees using a smartphone or tablet to quiz themselves on the go.

Here are 9 ways microlearning can empower enterprise organizations to train employees:

Microlearning improves knowledge retention

Microlearning allows your employees to interact with information and make it easier to retain. Microlearning improves retention of information in three key ways: courses are accessible on-demand, modules are short, and they are designed to be actionable. And as opposed to classroom training, microlearning can be accessed online, via a web browser, or with a mobile – at anytime and anywhere.

Microlearning courses are more engaging

Research suggests that microcontent delivered by mobile learning can increase information transfer by 17%. Compared to a day-long training session, mobile learning provides a greater comprehension of the material and increases retention of what has been learned.

Mobile learning encompasses a range of teaching techniques, including informative videos, diagrams, infographics, and fun, interactive quizzes that inspire learners. All of the above has been designed to be incredibly user-friendly, and to make it easy for those undergoing training to track their learning. You can imagine how this type of focused mobile learning can minimize interruptions and distractions.

Microlearning helps employees learn faster

Microlearning also encourages the concept of repetition. Training is set up so that employees can repeat information and questions in different modules and formats to help cement comprehension and retention. If a learner is struggling with certain content, he or she can review it as many times as needed to help them retain it.

Microlearning fits employees’ schedules

Let’s face it: we’re all busy. Fitting training into an already packed schedule can leave employees frustrated and stressed. Microlearning enables employees to continue training without keeping them from their job duties. Using a mobile device, employees can train anytime and anywhere. For instance, an employee can get 15 minutes of training in on the commute to work. Or, a sales rep has 30 minutes till her next meeting. She can grab her mobile phone and take a 10- or 15-minute training module.

Microlearning addresses skill gaps

The pandemic forced the world to rely on virtual and digital solutions, some of which will most likely stick around. It stands to reason that a significant percentage of people won’t go back to the old way of working. That creates a higher demand for skilled workers to serve customers who need technical solutions.

Whatever the qualifications of a new hire, microlearning can help you onboard new employees, provide company training, impart new skills, and help them adjust to a new job and new workplace.

Microlearning enhances employee satisfaction

Employee training and employee satisfaction both go hand in hand. When you invest in your employees via training options, it shows that you value them. Microlearning techniques allow employee satisfaction to happen quicker and more effectively than ever before.

Enterprise organizations can also impart new skills to employees to give them a new sense of purpose and break up the monotony. You’ll be helping them stave off obsolescence, making them more valuable workers, and improving your own bottom line.

Microlearning provides flexibility

Because of the modular nature of microlearning, your employees have the flexibility to focus on lessons that matter most to them. Course creators can develop different types of content for each lesson. And different learners learn in different ways. The variety of content options helps learners choose the right training for them. Examples of ways to learn include videos, quizzes, multiple choice questionnaires, games, and more.

Microlearning lets learners set the pace

In a classroom setting, the training courses are designed to match the average pace of the learners in the room. Using microlearning and training lets fast learners go through content more quickly, while slower learners can take their time and go through the material at their own pace. Learners can be quizzed to make sure they are absorbing and retaining the information they need to do their jobs.

Microlearning enables learning on the go

Employees need two things to use microlearning: a smart device and the willingness to learn. For mobile workers, such as sales reps, training is often limited to a one-time event, and then they are on their own. With microlearning, your mobile workforce can learn short, bite-sized content on their smartphones and also access the resources and information they need to do their jobs.

Consider an enterprise mobile app

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