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Enterprises: Adopt A Mobile App To Connect Your Workplace

Employee engagement is the key to building a successful enterprise organization. But employee engagement doesn’t come easy: Worldwide, only 15% of employees are engaged with their work.

Feeling connected in today’s digital workplace is an important part of an enterprise’s success. Enterprise leaders must engage with employees – encouraging, mentoring, and communicating with them on a regular basis.

Consider adopting an enterprise mobile app to connect, engage, and collaborate with employees and managers. Here are 10 ways a mobile app will connect employees across your organization:

Focus on flexibility

Flexibility is key to creating a connected workplace. Employees need to know that they have options for how and when they can work. For instance, an employee can work solely from home, divide their time between working remotely and in the office, or work solely in the office.

Connect employees and managers with each other

As employees continue to work remotely, it’s important that remote employees are encouraged to seek out more connections with their coworkers and to their companies. Enterprise leaders need to provide opportunities for employees to build and foster connections between each other.

For instance, an enterprise mobile app can allow employees to connect with coworkers and managers across the company. A mobile app creates the opportunity to communicate by sending instant, non-intrusive push notifications to employees. Notifications can be sent globally to everyone in the organization, or to specific teams, departments, or internal groups. Share emails, blog articles, and the latest company news — or set up group chats to communicate among teams or departments.

Foster collaboration

One of the major challenges for enterprises in 2020 is the siloed nature of employees working from their homes. Collaboration tools are key. The next generation of technology, and specifically collaboration tools, will continue to grow and strengthen the remote workforce. Collaboration tools lead to employees that are 34% happier with their workplace culture.

Keep information flowing

An enterprise mobile app unites everyone in your organization on a single platform. Communication should be a two-way street. Employees, managers, and the C-suite should be able to interact with each other. Information should flow from the top-down as well as from the bottom-up. A mobile app can allow employees to ask questions and offer feedback to managers. Employees can also have access to internal messaging with coworkers, as well as group chat options.

Update the employee directory

Now is a good time to update your organization’s employee directory. It’s easy to add pertinent employee content into an enterprise mobile platform. You can include the basic information, such as email addresses, office numbers, and mobile numbers. You can also ask employees to add their social channels, fun facts about themselves, include hobbies, share photos, and more.

Encourage employees to interact

As a society, we crave interaction with others. To sustain a connected workplace, it’s important to keep your remote employees engaged while they are also isolated. Companies need to explore the best ways to communicate with internal and external employees, encourage collaboration, and nurture job satisfaction. Daily employee engagement is going to be much more highly valued in 2021 than ever before.

Set up 1 on 1 meetings with employees

Employees want to be “in the know.” If no one is getting in touch with employees on a regular basis, they may feel isolated or forgotten. It’s up to enterprise leaders to connect with employees on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. An enterprise mobile app allows mobile users to set up a weekly Zoom call right on their smartphones. Employees can ask questions, and managers can provide insight about news and updates within the organization.

Hire employees who are innovators

Find candidates that know how to bring teams together. Innovators are more likely to adopt new technology and be cheerleaders for the company, and want to help the organization reach its goals. If you can hire champions who understand the need for digital transformation, your organization will be positioned to thrive in the new digital world.

Gauge employee engagement

With an enterprise mobile platform, you can offer surveys and quizzes to your employees so that you can gauge their satisfaction level. For instance, you can send out monthly surveys on specific topics, such mental health and well-being. Or, you can ask about satisfaction regarding different aspects of an employee’s job. You can create a fun quiz to test employee knowledge of your company and your products or services.

Offer continuous education and eLearning

It’s important that enterprise organizations take the time to train employees. Professional learning and development on the job matters, especially for remote employees. An enterprise mobile platform allows employees to train and educate right on their smartphones. That means employees can learn anytime and anywhere, even if they only have a few minutes to spare.

A recent LinkedIn “Workplace Learning Report” found that as many as 94% of employees said they would stay at a company longer if they invested in their learning and development. Workplace training gives employees so many important benefits, such as greater job satisfaction, higher morale, improved skills, and greater productivity and efficiency.

In a connected workforce, employees have access to assets, content, and business services – all in one centralized enterprise mobile platform. Employees have all the components for an organization as a whole to locate, share, and manage services offered to customers and employees.

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