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Enterprises: Are Employees Missing Out On Critical Information?

The way organizations work has drastically changed. Before Covid-19, the majority of employees worked in an office. Employees met in the conference room to collaborate on projects. If you needed a document, you popped your head over the cubical wall and asked your coworker to print it off for you.

Fast forward to 2021 and everything is digital. Employees spend 1.8 hours EVERY DAY searching for critical information. And with so many employees working from home, it’s even more difficult to find relevant information. Businesses have been transformed: everything is going virtual and we now have to contend with a digital workplace.

Creating a digital transformation is challenging. A lack of communication affects teamwork, collaboration, employee engagement, productivity, and morale. With only 13% of employees stating they are fully satisfied with work, enterprise organizations need to make significant investments in their employee experience initiatives. Employees are looking for a greater sense of belonging and to be valued within their organization.

Effective communication is a must in this new digital, connected workplace. Everyone in your organization should have instant access to relevant content and the critical information they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Here are 8 ways your organization can put the right content and resources into the hands of your employees:

Access to the right content

Your content, resources, and communications may be disorganized and siloed in different departments and divisions. An enterprise mobile app can give your employees access to the information they need right on their mobile device. Employees can search within the app and quickly and easily find the resources they need at the right time.

Bring employees together

One of the major challenges for enterprises in 2021 is the remote nature of employees working from their homes. The next generation of technology, and specifically collaboration tools, will continue to grow and strengthen the remote workforce. Collaboration tools lead to employees that are 34% happier with their workplace culture.

Increase productivity

Information overload slows productivity and critical thinking. With an enterprise mobile app, your employees can receive critical information via a private channel that’s relevant to them. For instance, the sales team would have access to everything that helps them do their jobs, and the marketing channel would have access to their own content.

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Create an internal communications hub

As employees continue to work remotely, it’s important that remote employees are encouraged to seek out more connections with their coworkers and to their companies. Enterprise leaders should provide opportunities for employees to build and foster connections between one another. For instance, an enterprise mobile app can provide ways for employees to connect and collaborate across the company. C-suite and managers are able to provide company-wide announcements, share critical information, post news articles, blogs, and more. Employees can communicate with each other via live chat, group chat, or 2-way video conferencing.

Improve customer retention

Organizations that struggle with customer service may also be struggling with poor employee communication. Customer happiness and employee happiness go hand-in-hand. Employees who don’t feel happy and engage at work may be less motivated at providing customer service. Customer retention rates are higher when employees are more engaged.

Foster innovation

When employees know that their coworkers, peers, and managers will listen to their ideas and encourage everyone to speak up and be heard, they are much more likely to think freely and help move the organization forward. Trust and mutual respect goes a long way to allowing employees to express themselves.

Energize your corporate culture

Managers and executives who fail to communicate with employees may lose the trust of their employees. The end result to an organization is that employees are unhappy and unengaged. And unhappy employees are eager to leave the company. Organizations lose over $5,000 every time an employee walks out the door. On top of that, you may be losing an experienced, valuable employee.

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Consider an enterprise mobile app

At CatalystXL, we want to help you quickly and easily share information and foster collaboration across your entire organization. We can deliver a no code, custom branded enterprise mobile app that unlocks answers and provides insights via our Cardware™ platform — sharing categorized content in a powerful flashcard format. Our mobile app fosters a community of collaboration, engagement, and connectedness for your employees – both in and out of the office.

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