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Fitness @ Home During The COVID-19 Crisis – (Special Message for Fitness Centers)

You can launch a live-stream and on-demand exercise app with your workouts in just 48 hours.

We’re committed to helping health clubs, fitness centers, and gyms deliver live-streaming and on-demand versions of your workouts – making it possible for members to exercise at home from their mobile device.  And, the mobile app will have all your custom branding.

Our mission is to help as many fitness centers as possible communicate to their members. 

The COVID-19 crisis has thrown us into a worldwide panic, causing anxiety and stress. More than ever, fitness centers must have clear and concise communication with their members. We can aggregate your communications into your mobile app, and put them into your members’ hands, literally. This will enable your business to retain more members.

Let’s keep your membership healthy and connected!

Your mobile app will support social distancing, yet connect you to your members, giving them the power to access online workouts, stay fit, and receive COVID-19 updates from you. This will enable you to maintain the fitness center “community” you’ve worked so hard to build.

How our mobile fitness platform can help you:

  • Enable your membership to exercise at home and stay connected
  • Deliver on-demand and live-streaming workouts to members
  • Communicate COVID-19 updates and information
  • Help members’ relieve stress through exercise
  • Reduce membership cancellation and retain dues

We are all in this together, let us help. We are a small business, too. We want fellow businesses to persevere during this COVID-19 crisis. So, we have reduced our monthly fees by 80% to help companies during this challenging crisis.

Please contact Co-Founder and CEO, Mark Russell, to learn more:
Mobile: 313-618-9742

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