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Hey Fitness Equipment Manufacturers: One App Can Educate Your Entire Pipeline And Boost Sales

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The fitness industry is undergoing rapid change thanks to Covid-19 and all of the new protocols that come with it. We’ve already written extensively about how digital tools, like CatalystXL’s customizable no-code apps, can help gym owners train, retain, and engage their members remotely. But these tools don’t just benefit gyms, they can help fitness equipment manufacturers educate their entire fitness supply chain, too. 

Why is this pressing? Well, according to a recent study, fitness equipment sales have grown 170% since lockdowns began as more consumers continue to work out from home. And as for gyms, as they reopen, they have limitations on how much staff can interact with members to help them with equipment on the floor. With so much happening remotely, the benefits of fitness tech can get lost in translation without an accessible, streamlined way for users to receive product information and educational materials. Failed knowledge transfer can even lead to injury if people don’t understand how to use new equipment correctly.

That said, there’s a simple way to solve this problem: a universally available, easily customizable knowledge sharing app, like what we make here at CatalystXL. Let’s break down how a mobile content management system will help you communicate the benefits and uses of your product at every step of your sales pipeline:

In-House Sales Team

Once you make your product, be it an adjustable kettlebell or a state-of-the-art treadmill, of course you want to sell it. But to do that, your sales team needs real-time information about the product’s features and benefits to make it appealing to potential buyers. An effective knowledge sharing platform makes that possible. With a customizable app that houses all educational, marketing, and sales materials, you create a single “source of truth” for your team, right in the palm of their hands. Fitness equipment can be complex and expensive, so ensuring they have all the up-to-date product information they need is vital to closing a sale.


Retailers have the same job as your in-house sales team, just one step removed. They may be selling your product to consumers and small fitness studios, and need key product cues to effectively do so. Instead of forcing retail salespeople to search through bulky manuals, or worse, rely on outdated or inaccurate information, a custom-branded app puts the product how-tos and branded content they need at their fingertips to close the deal.


Aside from retailers, you’re also likely selling directly to gyms — which are confronted with their own set of unique problems because of Covid-19. With capacity limited and staff unable to properly interact with members, many gyms have created stations of equipment where members can exercise uninterrupted and at a safe distance. The challenge? They may not be able to ask someone questions about how to use the equipment. With a knowledge sharing app, gyms can install screens and tablets in these areas for users to educate themselves about the machines they’re using, keeping them and employees safe.

At-Home Users

Of course, your equipment will eventually trickle down to the end user, and they need information on how to use it properly. Home exercise equipment incidents accounted for around 500,000 injuries just last year. With at-home workouts on the rise thanks to Covid-19, ensuring consumers know how to properly operate your fitness equipment is more important than ever. Providing the right educational information to at-home users will not only decrease their likelihood of injury, it will also give them a better experience with your product. The more people enjoy your equipment, the more likely they are to tell others about their purchase or recommend you to a friend. With better knowledge sharing, everyone wins.

At CatalystXL, we make knowledge sharing fast, easy, and social — so people can quickly find information when they need it, right from their smartphone (or any other connected device). Built on the simple concept of the flashcard, CatalystXL’s no-code, custom-branded mobile app can be up-and-running and available to your pipeline in as little as 48 hours. Let us be the through line to all of the stakeholders for your product. Book a demo with CatalystXL.