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How Does Information Overload Impact Your Employees?

Your employees are bombarded with information, content, technology, and tools. Think about all of the ways employees access content and data at work: Intranet, Dropbox, G-Suite, Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Cloud services, Web content, blogs, and the list goes on.

Information overload impacts enterprise organizations on three levels: your employees, your teams, and your business as a whole. And, 91% of US workers admit that they sometimes delete or discard information without even reading it.

That’s because employees are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of content and data that workers must deal with in their daily jobs. According to research by Basex, information overload costs the US economy a minimum of $900 billion per year in lowered employee productivity and reduced innovation.  

When we talk about information overload, it means the total volume of information exchanged in the workplace, as well as the poor quality of information shared with employees.

Here are a few examples of information overload:
  • Too much information shared with employees
  • Irrelevant information exchanged between coworkers
  • Not giving employees time to process information
  • A lack of strategic vision in the workplace

If you want your employees to be engaged and productive in the workplace, it’s important to use the right internal communications strategies and tools. Information overload is the lack of coordination between these communications and tools. Here are 6 tips to help you improve internal communications and productivity:

Create an internal communications hub

As employees continue to work remotely, it’s important that all employees are encouraged to seek out more connections with their coworkers and to their companies. Enterprise leaders should provide opportunities for employees to build and foster connections between one another. For instance, an enterprise mobile app can provide ways for employees to connect and collaborate across the company. C-suite and managers are able to provide company-wide announcements, share critical information, post news articles, blogs, and more. Employees can communicate with each other via live chat, group chat, or 2-way video conferencing.


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Make content accessible

Your content, resources, and communications may be disorganized and siloed in different departments and divisions. An enterprise mobile app can give your employees access to the information they need right on their mobile device. Employees can search within the app and quickly and easily find the resources they need at the right time.

Increase productivity

Information overload slows productivity and critical thinking. With an enterprise mobile app, your employees can receive critical information via a private channel that’s relevant to them. For instance, the sales team would have access to everything that helps them do their jobs, and the marketing channel would have access to their own content.

Bring employees together

One of the major challenges for enterprises in 2021 is the remote nature of employees working from their homes. The next generation of technology, and specifically collaboration tools, will continue to grow and strengthen the remote workforce. Collaboration tools lead to employees that are 34% happier with their workplace culture.

Let employees work from anywhere

Your employees may be working from home, working at a remote location, or spending time between home and the office. Let’s just say they may not be sitting at a desk, day in and day out. They’re working in healthcare, walking the factory floor, selling products and services, and driving trucks. They are always moving. What better way to connect them than with their own custom-branded enterprise mobile app? No matter where they are, your employees can connect through their mobile phone.

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Consider an enterprise mobile app

At CatalystXL, we want to help you quickly and easily share information and foster collaboration across your entire organization. We can deliver a no code, custom branded enterprise mobile app that unlocks answers and provides insights via our Cardware™ platform — sharing categorized content in a powerful flashcard format. Our mobile app fosters a community of collaboration, engagement, and connectedness for your employees – both in and out of the office.

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