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How Mobile Apps Are Transforming Virtual Healthcare

Healthcare must rethink its digital strategies in response to COVID-19.

Last night, I ordered pizza (for takeout) from my mobile phone via an app. I even entered my credit card information so there would be less physical contact at pickup.

The healthcare industry can take a lesson from my pizza order. It’s time for mobile apps to revamp how doctors and nurses connect with patients. Compared to other industries, healthcare has been dragging its feet when it comes to digital transformation. 

In a recent survey, only seven percent of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies said they had gone digital, compared to 15 percent of companies in other industries.

Here’s how the healthcare industry can better communicate with physicians and nurses, but also provide a more contact-free experience for patients:

Provide on-demand healthcare

Have your ever called the doctor’s office to set up an appointment, and you’re given two appointment options for three months from now? Patients want healthcare on their terms. When it’s most convenient for them. A mobile app can allow patients to search for medical professionals in their area, read reviews and feedback, and make appointments online.

According to a study by Digital Authority Partners, 52% of all web browsing in the world occurs on mobile devices. And, 77% of customers are going online to book medical appointments.

Reimagine electronic health records (EHRs)

For years, healthcare organizations have tried to come up with a single source of truth for medical records. A healthcare mobile platform can capture all of a patient’s information from various sources, including physician exams, surgeries, phone call consultations, prescription information, and much more. In the near future, patients may even be able control their own EHRs and give access to health professionals who need to review the data.

Offer virtual consultations

If you’ve called a nurse or physician to discuss symptoms and ask questions over the phone, then you’ve had a virtual meeting. But to take the virtual diagnosis to the next level, a mobile app can capture a face-to-face video meeting and create a recording of that exchange, and then add it to the patient’s EHR.

Access real-time information quickly

Healthcare professionals are busy. They don’t have time to look up charts and review information from multiple sources. With a mobile platform, doctors and nurses can have instant access to up-to-date, real-time information right at their fingertips. Using a smartphone or tablet, the healthcare team is always connected to the most up-to-date information. 

Learning on the go

With COVID-19, new information is popping up almost every hour – relating to new testing options, ever-changing symptoms, adjustments to treatment strategies, and more. Healthcare professionals must learn massive amounts of new information throughout the course of the day. A mobile app can help disseminate that information to everyone who needs to see it. 

Streamline information for treating COVID-19

Testing and treatment can change rapidly. With a mobile app, push notifications are sent out to share important content and new treatment methods, updated treatment plans, and provide access to newly available resources. 

Health in the palm of your hand

Gone are the days when healthcare professionals had the only access to your medical information. Patients are now becoming active participants in their health and well-being. With a healthcare mobile app, today’s consumers will – literally – have access to all aspects of their healthcare, in the palm of their hand. 

At CatalystXL, we know the value of information and connecting with others. We make it easy to share knowledge that’s designed to make everyone smarter, more involved, and more deeply connected. Our healthcare mobile app can do just that. By connecting healthcare professionals with patients, they’re able to collaborate with each other and create the best possible outcomes.

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