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The Role of Knowledge Workers in the Connected Workforce

The term “knowledge worker” was first used in 1959. Knowledge workers are defined as high-level workers who have formal training. In 2019, we exceeded 1 billion knowledge workers in the world.

Knowledge workers provide a high level of productivity and creativity. They are expected to innovate and come up with better ways of doing things and provide critical thinking. They include professionals in information technology fields, such as programmers, web designers, system analysts, technical writers, and researchers. 

Knowledge workers think for a living, unlike manual laborers who are paid for performing physical tasks. They have the ability to solve complex problems or to develop new products or services in their fields of expertise. Enterprise organizations are moving toward the knowledge worker concept – making the workplace more collaborative and giving more autonomy to their employees. 

Knowledge workers are changing how enterprise organizations do business and managing the remote and mobile-first workplace:

Adopt a mobile-first approach

With everyone working from home these days, mobile communication in the workplace has become extremely important. Mobile apps make it easy to access the information and relevant content workers need, right at their fingertips. The migration to mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, Web versions, kiosks, etc. – has given companies a way to cost-effectively interact on any device. Regardless of location, knowledge workers can find the content they need, anywhere and at anytime. A mobile app creates a repository for a sales acceleration toolkit and connects your workforce via group chat, 2-way video conferencing, and corporate communications.

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Give knowledge workers the tools they need

It may surprise you that, according to Gallup, 74% of knowledge workers have the feeling that they are missing out on important information at work. Your organization may expect that knowledge workers will do most of the work by themselves. If you want your knowledge workers to drive creativity and innovation, you need to keep them motivated and engaged. Enterprise leaders must ensure that teams and knowledge workers are provided the content and information they need in order to deliver results.

Eliminate silos and share knowledge

One way to help knowledge workers perform better is to remove siloed content. Most enterprise organizations still don’t have clear way to share information and documents across teams and departments. Only 25% of senior executives say their organizations are effective at sharing knowledge.

Collaborate across departments

One of the major challenges for enterprises in 2021 is the siloed nature of employees working from their homes. Collaboration tools are key. The next generation of technology, and specifically collaboration tools, will continue to grow and strengthen the digital workforce. Collaboration tools will lead to knowledge workers who are 34% happier with their workplace culture.

Deliver the latest trends

It’s up to knowledge workers to stay updated on the latest industry trends and innovations. But at times, the amount of information that knowledge workers have to consume on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Enterprise leaders must compile the most relevant, accurate, and timely content and provide it to knowledge workers in a mobile platform. The right resources will be at a worker’s fingertips – and easily accessible at all times.

Provide internal communications

An enterprise mobile app unites everyone in your organization on a single platform. Communication should be a two-way street. Employees, managers, and the C-suite should be able to interact with each other. Information should flow from the top-down as well as from the bottom-up. A mobile app can allow knowledge workers to ask questions and offer feedback to managers. Employees can also have access to internal messaging with coworkers, as well as group chat options.

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Consider an enterprise mobile app

At CatalystXL, we want to help you quickly and easily share information and foster collaboration across your entire organization. We can deliver a no code, custom branded enterprise mobile app that unlocks answers and provides insights via our Cardware™ platform — sharing categorized content in a powerful flashcard format. Our mobile app fosters a community of collaboration, engagement, and connectedness for your employees – both in and out of the office.

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