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Meet The New Student Body: Your Employees And Members

People don’t refer to our current climate as the Information Age for nothing. Information is the lifeblood of good business and better connections, and with insights on-demand and accessible right from the palm of our hands, being informed is more important and easier than ever.

In fact, according to a recent study, 53% of US participants noted that education is a key driver of the global economy. If we peel this back another layer, 31% said they needed further education to do their job, with 42% actively seeking out information online or 41% taking a course offered by an employer to satisfy their needs. And that’s not just the employees talking, 44% of employers globally think learning is a priority for workers to expand beyond their current roles. 

Put simply, there is a premium on access to knowledge in real-time. But how do we get there? 

Oftentimes, employees are swept up in the everyday minutiae of their days—spending 28% of their time on email, 19% of their time seeking out information and 14% communicating internally. That’s a staggering 61% of their time taking siloed steps to achieve one ultimate goal—to be, and stay, in-the-know. 

Technology has afforded organizations new ways to make this a reality, and as the Internet brought people and resources closer together digitally, information—and portals to it—exploded online. In fact, 38% of workers note that the information they share online is either informational and educational, and 57% of leadership and development professionals plan to spend more on online learning. 

That said, these new channels have invited in their fair share of complexity. As we mentioned above, people are burning over half of their time simply in search of information, because it exists across a myriad of options. Emails, digital repositories, even simply connecting with colleagues—critical insights are scattered and hard to find. And while the answer may seem simple—to centralize and socialize information—most companies do so by introducing obscure technology that complicates the process further. To put a finer point on that, a recent survey found that 41% of employees experienced a loss of productivity because it was difficult to work with new technologies. 

At CatalystXL, we know the power of familiarity, and taking what people know and love and making it better. That’s why we married two simple yet impactful ideas together—delivering greater mobile information management via an intuitive custom branded app. It unlocks answers and insights with what we call cardware—sharing categorized content in a powerful flashcard format. In short, flashcards meet an easy-to-navigate app for quick, painless information discovery and retention within a network that allows people to connect to one another.

With this approach, people can have access to the information they need, and to each other, when they need it. By taking it digital, users can have the latest information—from product updates to the latest promotions—in real-time, and by taking it mobile, they can have it anywhere on-the-go. Whether it’s for a team of sales professionals or members of your fitness studio, our platform lets your audience customize their microlearning experience, using forms and filters to discover the information they need and personalize their area of study at their own pace. 

Think of it as the new higher education—elevated, specified, connected and on-demand. Gone are the days of on-site and virtual training sessions that happen in isolation, a one time, one shot gathering where the learning stops when the event does. Gone are the days of tangled online resources that make knowledge sharing more difficult rather than streamlined. With a custom branded mobile app, organizations can free information from the tethers of complexity, and make it available no matter when, how or where people need it.

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