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The Power Of Podcasting: Accelerating Your Business

Podcasting is quickly becoming a highly effective way to connect with your clients and prospective clients. Podcasts are easy to listen to – listeners can actively engage while they’re driving, cooking, walking, or even grocery shopping.

Listeners can tune into a podcast whenever and wherever they want. Audio content is easy to listen to and it’s mobile – making it easier for listeners to enjoy podcasts anywhere.

Your clients and prospects are bombarded with information, content, technology, and tools and resources. Think about all of the ways we access content and information in our daily lives: TV, radio, internet, email, websites, blog posts, and the list goes on.

Information overload impacts everyone. And, 91% of US workers admit that they sometimes delete or discard valuable information without even reading it.

Client-focused podcasts showcase you and your company and listeners can get to know you while they listen to your podcast episodes. Hearing a live speaker makes the material more personal and builds trust with clients and prospects. Listeners can’t help but feel connected to the message. It’s a human-to-human connection.

Podcasting has truly become a mainstream medium. A 2019 report shows that more than half of Americans listen to podcasts, with over one-third of the population listening to a podcast in the last month. That’s 90 million monthly listeners! And by 2024, it’s estimated there will be 100 million podcast listeners in the U.S.

Here are 7 strategies to help you attract and engage podcast listeners:

Think about your audience

There are a few things to consider as far as your audience. Different people learn, listen, and view things in different ways. That means podcasting is another medium that you can potentially tap into. Even before you incorporate a podcast, you need to consider your audience. Know what type of content you want to provide and how your listeners will interact with your podcast.

Create useful content

Think about your content. What message are you trying to get across? If you want it to be a business, marketing, or educational tool, be sure to provide messaging relative to your area of expertise. For instance, if you own a fitness business, you could share tips with your clients on how to properly stretch, the best practices for creating high-quality exercise videos, and share nutrition tips and favorite recipes.

Share your stories

If you have a burning passion that you want to share with your clients, then by all means, share it in a podcast. Make sure that you stick to a basic theme for your podcast content so that your listeners know what types of topics they will most likely be hearing about.

Invest in professional equipment

You want to have the most high-quality and professional sounding podcasts as you possibly can. Your podcasts need to be on brand and up to the highest standards. Editing also matters. If you have a guest who drones on and on about a topic, you can go back in and edit it to sound more like a back-and-forth conversation.

Be authentic

Podcasts, and specifically those that conduct interviews with clients, feel more like an intimate conversation. You’re able to use two-way story telling in a simple format. And listeners enjoy that back-and-forth banter between the host and the interviewee.

Look for ways to improve

You can always find ways to improve and edit your craft. And it takes time to grow an audience of followers who hang on your every word. It will take time for you to build up a listener base.

Be a guest on other podcasts

There are benefits to being on the podcasts of others. From an SEO perspective, it makes sense to drive more website traffic to both of the podcasts. And you can bring some of their fans over to you and make them fans of your podcast.

Let’s face it: Podcasting is a great way to build your brand, grow your business, and promote your subject-matter expertise. If you’ve ever been curious about what a podcast can do for your business strategy and content marketing, give it a try!

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