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The Value Of A Well-Trained Sales Rep

When was the last time you had great customer service at a brick-and-mortar retail store? Was the sales staff friendly? Were they knowledgeable about their products or services? Let’s talk about your Sales Reps.

The biggest advantage of traditional retail stores over online retailers is that they have a live person whom customers can talk to face-to-face.

The same can be said for your sales team. Your sales reps meet with clients in person or over phone. They are on the front-lines of your company, providing a live salesperson to help your customers. What do they need from you to make a sale happen? 

Here are 6 sales training strategies you can use to hone your sales team’s skills and help them develop their sales approach:

1. Point of Need
Sales reps must have real-time information at their fingertips in order to meet a customer’s needs at the right time. When the necessary information isn’t readily available, sales pros may miss out on a chance to close the deal. By using a mobile Sales Enablement platform, your sales reps can access the information they need anywhere and at any time.

2. Product Knowledge
Sales reps can benefit from knowing their products or services inside and out. By being well-trained in their product offerings, they can help customers decide which items to buy. When you incorporate a mobile Sales Enablement application as a way to train and educate your sales team on products and services, your reps can have instant access to product details, benefits, features, and specifications.

3. Process Training
It’s also important to invest in process training. This type of training has been found to produce more engaged employees. Sales reps will know how to perform sales tasks to their company’s specifications and can learn how to manage the sales process and create greater success.

4. Incorporate eLearning
Sales reps may be resistant to training programs. With constant traveling and frequent sales calls, it can seem impossible to work in training with everything else. With eLearning on a mobile device, your sales pros are in control of when and where they learn. In addition, eLearning on a mobile device can be more focused on a single topic at a time. Sales reps can absorb and retain information more easily.

5. Train Quickly with Micorlearning
Microlearning operates under the premise that smaller amounts of content are delivered in shorter sessions. It’s a more effective way of learning and retaining information versus taking on information in large chunks. Sales teams are a perfect fit for microlearning. It can help them digest information quickly, learn new techniques, hone their skills, and receive ongoing training.

6. Provide Feedback
Most of your sales talent will grow and develop in the field while they work with customers. But, your sales reps may not receive feedback and hear what happens after the sales call. Give your sales reps input on what is working and what is not. Share success stories and testimonials with your sales team. Knowing they are a valuable part of your company’s success will result in higher morale and increased engagement in your company.

The more you value your sales pros, the better salespeople they will become. You’re helping them build confidence and foster their natural selling abilities. And, when you add in flexible and manageable product education and training, your team will be selling superstars!

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