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Traditional Intranets Are Dead: Make Way For Workforce Mobile Apps

Despite companies investing in and implementing digital transformation strategies, many employees remain disconnected from their organizations. That disconnect is becoming very apparent as more and more employees work remotely.

Traditional intranets are cumbersome and outdated. They provide limited functionality that’s focused on simplified content management, and the platforms are running on aging technology. Today’s digital workplaces need modern technologies and flexible delivery options to engage and unite employees.

According to a recent Prudential survey, more than 6 in 10 American workers say the way Americans work will never be the same. And 68% of workers say working remotely will become much more normal after the pandemic — with 1 in 5 seriously considering finding a job that allows them to work remotely.

That means organizations will be seeing an increased blend of in-office employees and remote workers on staff. How can your employees connect, engage, and collaborate with each other?

It’s time to consider incorporating a workforce mobile app into your digital plans.

Your employees are desperate for a modern, frictionless, digital experience when working. That means you have a huge opportunity to improve your employee experience in some simple ways — starting with a mobile app.

Here’s how a workforce mobile app can help you create a culture, community, and unified experience for your employees:

Reach everyone where they are — on mobile devices

Want to connect with your employees? Then, grab your mobile phone. The majority of American workers have a mobile device.

In fact, 81% of Americans own smartphones. And, we all know how to use mobile apps. Americans spend 90% of their time browsing in mobile apps. It just makes sense to create a sense of community and unite all of your employees in one location.

Your employees want to be valued, engaged, and respected by your company. They want to have a strong sense of purpose and pride in their workplace. It takes a forward-thinking employer to provide employees with a mobile platform — giving them the flexibility to work in the office, remotely, or on the go. Your employees are connected to the information they need instantly. And they can work anywhere, and at any time.

Connect everyone across your enterprise

Effective workforce mobile apps include all teams and individuals, as well as giving access to all the tools and resources they need. An app fosters inclusiveness, collaboration, and consolidation of vital information. More than any other digital tool, an app bonds teams and creates a company culture within an organization.

Deliver targeted, relevant content and information

Your employees are overwhelmed by technology. There are so many ways that companies share information. For instance, try finding an email attachment that was sent to your inbox two weeks ago. Or, is the document you need in Dropbox, Slack or Google Drive — or on your computer’s hard drive?

This Igloo report found that over half (51%) of employees have avoided sharing a document with a colleague because they couldn’t find it, or thought it would be too difficult to find.

With a workforce mobile app, all of the information your employees need can be organized to reach the people who need it most. For instance, different teams or departments can have their own channels to communicate with each other. Marketing, sales, human resources, and other departments within your company can collaborate and share relevant content instantly. Also, content can be edited in real-time, so employees have the most up-to-date information at all times.

Offer instant access to self-service information and tasks

Enable your employees to perform common functions, such as accessing their company benefits, filling out time off requests, or submitting help-desk tickets. In addition, different teams or departments can have access to forms or paperwork that are relevant only to them. Employees can also use search functionality to find exactly what they need.

In addition, a workforce mobile app can handle the on-boarding of new employees, updated training for existing employees, eLearning opportunities, and even provide performance review feedback.

Create two-way communications with the employees

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced enterprises to re-evaluate how they communicate with employees, partners, and vendors. Organizations that use a traditional intranet often fall into the trap of one-way communications — dumping information from the top down.

A workforce mobile app creates the opportunity to communicate by sending instant, non-intrusive notifications to app users. Push notifications can be sent globally to everyone in your app, or to specific channels or internal groups that you set up. Share company-wide announcements, emails, blog articles, and the latest news — all from inside your app. Group chats can be set up to communicate among teams or departments.

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