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Virtually Train Employees With An Enterprise Mobile App

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It’s important that you take the time to train employees. Professional learning and development on the job matters, especially for remote workers. A recent LinkedIn “Workplace Learning Report” found that as many as 94% of employees said they would stay at a company longer if they invested in their learning and development.

Workplace training gives employees so many important benefits, such as greater job satisfaction, higher morale, improved skills, and greater productivity and efficiency.

However, in 2020, employee training has dramatically changed. The norm used to be in office training or all-day seminars where instructors taught a class. Today’s normal is to virtually train employees so that remote workers can learn anywhere, anytime using an enterprise mobile app.

Here are 7 ways you can virtually train employees with an enterprise mobile app:

Train as part of company culture

To stay competitive, organizations should create a culture of learning to inspire employees to actively improve their skills and become experts in their roles. This is even more true for technology-driven companies with remote workplaces. Professional skills are constantly changing, and companies must continuously train employees to keep them up to date. An enterprise mobile app can be updated in real-time to provide the most recent training and relevant content to employees.

Train for technology

The nature of remote work means that remote employees are using a variety of hardware and software to keep up with their job responsibilities. Product knowledge training helps remote employees stay on top of the latest technologies relevant to their industries and jobs. An enterprise mobile app can offer quizzes that allow employees to become certified on the latest technology, test regularly, and keep remote workers in the know and up to speed.

Train for productivity

Organizations should develop a tracking strategy for training and helping employees stay organized, be more productivity, and gauge overall employee progress. A well-planned tracking strategy helps remote leaders analyze training initiatives. An enterprise mobile app can provide data and analytics to help you train even better.

Train with self-directed materials

The nature of remote work attracts employees who are self-directed. Remote leaders can capitalize on the independent personalities of remote employees. Virtual training strategies allow self-directed employees to learn based on their own interest and goals. An enterprise mobile app gives remote workers the ability to train anywhere and at any time.

Train with user-generated content

One of the best training resources available to organizations is in-house expertise. Companies that hire remote employees can recruit the best global talent by utilizing user-generated content, such as blogs, reports, case studies, and more. Virtual training lets experienced staff share their knowledge, exchange ideas with colleagues, and gain valuable leadership experience. An enterprise mobile app can capture this shared knowledge and share it across all departments.

Train with video-based learning

The average person is projected to spend 100 minutes per day consuming video content in 2021. Research shows that 75% of people would rather watch a video than read printed material. Video is an effective method for employers to distribute training content to remote workers, especially when comparing the success of information distributed via other methods. An enterprise mobile app can share on-demand videos, live streaming videos, Zoom sessions, and podcasts.

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Ask for employee feedback

Asking employees for feedback on training initiatives will yield input that will help you even beyond the training. 59% of employees who have been asked for feedback are engaged at work, compared with 42% employee engagement in workplaces with no feedback available. An enterprise mobile app can capture employee feedback and share it within the application.

Consider a no code enterprise mobile app

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