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What Do Millennials Want From A Mobile App?

Do you own a smartphone? It’s probably easier to find out who doesn’t have a mobile phone. That’s because 81% of Americans own a smartphone. And, 35% of US smartphone users check their phones more than 50 times a day.

Over four out of every five millennials own a smartphone and rely on technology every day. They grew up on the forefront of the digital experience, and in many ways, helped shape the technology we all use today.

What makes millennials different?

  • They grew up with technology, and they use technology to help them in their daily lives.
  • They are confident, ambitious, and achievement-oriented. They tend to seek new challenges and aren’t afraid to question authority.
  • They are about teamwork — no person is left behind, and they are loyal and committed. They want to be included and involved. 

As of 2017, 35% of the American workforce is made up of millennials — becoming the single largest generation in the U.S. labor market, followed by Gen Xers and baby boomers making up 33% and 25% respectively.  

Millennials are now major contributors to the workforce, which gives them a greater command of consumerism and purchasing power. Nearly one in five millennials do all of their internet browsing, emailing, Google searching, social networking, and online news reading on a smartphone or tablet.

So, what do millennials want in a mobile app?

Unique features and functionality

Nearly half of millennials are interested in unique features and functionality. It’s one of the key factors that leads them to download an app. The second most influential factor is a recommendation from a friend.

Go easy on the data usage

54% of millennials have more than three screens of mobile apps downloaded on their phones. While data usage is getting better when it comes to mobile apps, millennials feel that data usage is a concern. And most smartphone users spend 90% of their phone time in mobile apps. That means organizations need to create apps that are more efficient and streamlined to minimize the use of data.

Don’t drain the phone battery

49% of millennials say they don’t like it when an app drains their mobile batteries. If an app is going to drain the user’s battery, then millennials may very well delete that app.

Don’t make them use two hands

61% of millennials are worried about thumb reach when positioning an app on their screen. Millennials want to be able to use their devices with one hand, so consider content and button positioning while creating your app.

Send fewer push notifications

Millennials dislike apps that send too many push notifications. They would rather app builders create apps that appeal to the user and provide value and relevant content, rather than bombarding them with messages to interact with the app.

Design matters

Millennials want an appealing looking and well-designed app. Future apps will use artificial intelligence along with predictive analytics to create a better user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Apps that are user-friendly will still be the most in demand.

Performance matters more

Maybe even more important than design is an app’s performance. Users will keep using an app as long as it is functional, efficient, and performs how it’s supposed to. An app crashing is one of the main reasons why users will uninstall the app.

Millennials have high expectations for a few of the app basics. They want an app that provides useful features and functionalities, doesn’t drain their battery or their data plan, and that performs well and is easy to use.

The mobile app industry continues to grow at a fast pace. And it’s showing no signs of letting up. Recent studies have found that mobile phone users spend 90% of their time in apps. And you can bet that millennials are represented in the 90%. If you want to reach them, maybe you should consider having your own mobile app?

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