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Why Enterprises Should Connect Employees Via A Mobile App

Want to connect with your workforce? Then, grab your mobile phone. The vast majority of Americans – 96% – now own a cellphone of some kind. And 81% of Americans own smartphones.

That means most American workers have a mobile device. And, we all know how to use mobile apps. It just makes sense to create a connected workplace for your employees using a mobile app.

Where is your mobile phone right now? Most likely, it’s in your pocket, on your desk, or you’re holding it in your hands.

Every Generation Uses Mobile Phones (according to Pew Research Center):
• 93% of Millennials (ages 23 to 38 this year) own smartphones
• 90% of Gen Xers (ages 39 to 54)
• 68% of Baby Boomers (ages 55 to 73)
• 40% of the Silent Generation (ages 74 to 91)

The enterprise world has been slow to catch up with the mobile technology. Most companies believe that communicating and interacting with employees through an intranet, email, and collaboration tools is good enough.

Yet, employees are left wondering why they can’t easily access company information right on their mobile phones while they’re working, and have it instantly at their fingertips. When enterprises connect employees to the content and information they need, employees can more effectively and efficiently do their jobs.

Here are 7 reasons why enterprise organizations should consider using a mobile app to connect employees:

Employees are on the go

Your employees may be working from home, working at a remote location, or spending time between home and the office. Let’s just say they may not be sitting at a desk, day in and day out. They’re working in healthcare, walking the factory floor, selling products and services, and driving trucks. They are always moving. What better way to connect them than with their own custom-branded enterprise mobile app? No matter where they are, your employees can connect through their mobile phone.

Connect employees with each other

Your employees are busy. They have work to do. Email inboxes are overflowing, often with redundant and irrelevant information by the time the employee sees it. Collaboration tools, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, may go against productivity by interrupting workers constantly while they are trying to concentrate. With an enterprise mobile app, you can provide real-time updates and content that help them better do their jobs.

Make content accessible

Your content, resources, and communications may be disorganized and siloed in different departments and divisions. An enterprise mobile app can give your employees access to the information they need right on their mobile device. Employees can search within the app and quickly and easily find the resources they need in real-time.

Create a sense of belonging

Everyone should feel comfortable and safe in the workplace. Managers and executives who fail to communicate properly with employees may lose the trust of their employees. Make sure your employees feel valued, productive, and engaged. Let them know that you want to create an open and welcoming environment. Otherwise, unhappy employees may be eager to leave the company. Organizations lose over $5,000 every time an employee walks out the door. And on top of that, you lose an experienced, valuable employee.

Invest in your culture

Every member of your team should be able to contribute to the corporate culture and help connect employees together. Make it easy for remote employees to remain a part of the conversation. In office and remote workers can participate in online polls and surveys to gather feedback and insights. Make sure that your culture is vibrant and keeps employees communicating with each other.

Provide mission-critical information

Something has happened in your organization. It may be good news, or it might be bad news. Your employees need to know. You can quickly send a push notification to your entire organization so that everyone is in the know. Or, you might just need to send a message to a specific department, location, division, or team.

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Consider an enterprise mobile app

At CatalystXL, we want to help you quickly and easily share information and foster collaboration across your entire organization. We can deliver a no-code, custom branded enterprise mobile app that unlocks answers and provides insights via our Cardware™ platform — sharing categorized content in a powerful flashcard format. Our mobile app fosters a community of collaboration, engagement, and connectedness for your employees – both in and out of the office.

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