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Why Microlearning Makes Sense For Enterprise Training

Where is your smartphone? Most likely, it’s probably close by, or even in your hand. The average person checks their mobile phone 9 times an hour.

An enterprise mobile app would allow organizations to create content specific to microlearning. For instance, long training sessions and learning regimes exhaust your employees and make it difficult to concentrate. The human brain can only hold a limited amount of information at any given time.

In the past, traditional learning meant going to a physical location, sitting in a classroom, and listening to an instructor impart information. Instructor-led training meant that employees might spend up to 3 hours or more listening to lectures. And then, the employee would need to go back to work and catch up on everything they missed while receiving training.

With microlearning, information is delivered as bite-sized knowledge that is concise, focused and can be easily absorbed on the go. Here’s where your smartphone or tablet can allow you to read over microcontent and then take quizzes to see what you’ve learned. Learning and training can be done anywhere and at any time.

Here are some of the best uses for enterprise microlearning:

Product training

A training program allow employees to learn more about products and services, your brand, and share additional information about the company. Microlearning enables organizations to build bite-sized digital content, provided via videos, audio files, images, infographics, and quizzes.

Onboarding new employees

Microlearning and bite-sized content allows employees to streamline the entire onboarding process and train all new employees quickly and accurately, because all employees have received the right information at the right time.

Orientation training

This is the process of educating your workforce on company rules and regulations that apply to their daily job responsibilities. Microlearning makes it easier to crate training modules in smaller, bite sized content, and providing an easier way to learn.

Soft skills development

Talent experts and HR managers want their employees to have solid soft skills. These skills include communication, leadership, problem-solving, collaboration, and teamwork. The key to learning soft skills lies in microlearning.

Top benefits of microlearning 

Research suggests that microcontent delivered by mobile learning can increase information transfer by 17%. Compared to a day-long training session, mobile learning provides a greater comprehension of the material and increases retention of what has been learned.

Encourages repetition

Microlearning also encourages repetition. Employees can repeat information and questions in different modules and formats to help cement comprehension and retention. If a learner is struggling with certain content, he or she can review it as many times as needed to help them retain it.

Provides self-paced learning

In a classroom setting, the training courses are designed to match the average pace of all the learners in the room. Using microlearning and training lets fast learners go through content more quickly, while slower learners can take their time and go through the material at their own pace. Learners can be quizzed to make sure they are absorbing and retaining the information they need to do their jobs.

Enhances employee retention

Microlearning allows the learner to digest each content module individually and boosts their retention rate with easily accessible bite-sized microcontent.

Offers customized learning

When it comes to learning, everyone is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to learning. You may need to create a customized microlearning tool in order to adapt to individual users. Your mobile platform can respond to users and provide them with information in a way that supports learning.

Saves time

Microlearning coursework enables learners to complete an entire content module in a short period of time. Today, the average attention span is about 8 seconds. By integrating a microlearning approach, Gen Z and Millennials can digest and finish a topic in three to five minutes.

Microlearning benefits for enterprises


Microlearning can be completed anytime and anywhere – as long as you have mobile phone or tablet. By accessing an enterprise mobile app, employees can learn and train while watching TV, lying in bed, or riding on mass transit. There’s no classroom, teacher, or books, so there are only a few resources needed to create microlearning mobile app content.

Easy to update

Microlearning is fast and easy to create in an enterprise mobile platform. Content can be updated in real-time, making it easy to update training modules.

Deliver fast learning

With microlearning, organizations can create several modules quickly. Have a new product to explain to your sales team? You can put together relevant content and load up the content modules in a matter of minutes with an enterprise mobile app.

Virtually learning is here to stay. In our fast pace world, microlearning makes it quicker and easier to consume content, allows for flexible learning, and makes it simple for users to learn at their own pace.

Consider an enterprise mobile app

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