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Why the Content Management Market is Booming and is Poised to Keep Growing

As the information landscape expands via all of the technology at our disposal, finding a way to thoughtfully and efficiently organize it has become increasingly important. This is incredibly evident in professional settings that are exploding with emails, messaging services, resource depositories and more. In fact, a survey conducted by Deloitte focused on just how overwhelmed employees have become by these saturated environments—with 72% noting that they cannot find the information they need in the company’s information systems. 

As a result, the market for content management systems has been on the rise, and shows no signs of slowing down. In a recent report, the content management market is expected to grow at a 10.8% CAGR to the tune of $66.9 billion by 2025. With workers hyperconnected and increasingly on-the-go, having easy, real-time access to the right information when they need it is critical for them to keep up with the speed of today’s business.

And while effective, traditional content management systems aren’t without limitations. Many solutions largely act as a place to house swaths of poorly-organized information—making it still a time-intensive task to find the right assets. They also invite issues of version control, where one document could have several iterations—creating confusion about what information is the most accurate and up-to-date. Simply put, these platforms do little to increase productivity when they don’t address these hurdles.

Furthermore, these systems usually need other complementary technologies for a 360-degree knowledge-driven environment. In a previous post, we explored the importance of socializing information—understanding how an organization’s people are just as vital for knowledge sharing—but too often chat or messaging features exist outside of content management walls, meaning people still burn time jumping from platform to platform. To shed further light on this challenge, a report by the Association of Intelligent Information Management found that 79.3% of workers found the lack of integration between a company’s content management system and core business applications was an incredible hindrance. 

Content management is critical, but often poorly conceived—creating more problems than it solves. These platforms are built to address audiences en masse, meaning, in addition to organizational issues, they aren’t designed with personal preferences and needs in mind. That’s why organizations need all-encompassing solutions that bring all matters of information, from hard resources, to training, to conversations between colleagues, together in one intuitive, customizable interface. 

At CatalystXL, we want to put the power of information right in people’s hands—literally. That’s why we built a platform that addressed the gaps in content management, and then elevated it with additional features for greater efficiency. With our custom branded apps, CatalystXL operates as a single source of truth—pushing only the correct and latest information to users. With our innovative platform, information is served up bite-sized in a variety of media formats, be it video or text, via flashcard format for easy retention, which also enables on-the-go microlearning. All of this happens across a connected network so users have access to an even greater resource—each other.

We know being able to act fast can make the difference between closing a deal, an informed response and more, so we built CatalystXL to make it as easy as possible to navigate streams of information—and customized to you. It’s the app for everyone, but caters to the individual. 

Access to information doesn’t have to be a headache—let us show you a better way.