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Digital sprawl is your enemy. Cardware helps you crush it.

Your business has an enemy you might not even see: Digital sprawl. Because—admit it—your stuff is everywhere. G-drive. Dropbox. Teams. Slack. It’s chaos.

So, do you want to own the chaos? Or want the chaos to own you?

With Cardware, you’re finally in charge.

Own what’s yours. Here’s how.

Cardware is a single platform to put you in command of your stuff. All of it. 

Imagine one place where all your teams can find chats, sales material, the latest videos and much more. 

With Cardware, Artificial Intelligence helps to create digital “cards” for all your content, and each card can house data from different sources. All those sources can now be centrally located, constantly updated, and easily searchable. Your teams can access the cards, and the data, from anywhere, on any device.

In no time, Cardware can be integrated with your data systems and be hard at work. 

And here’s the best way to see all the possibilities:

Go even further with every feature you add.

Cardware is more than a single solution—it includes a suite of features designed to save you from the aggravation of digital sprawl. Each feature is built into your Cardware, and they can all help in unique ways.


Drag-and-drop it

With an intuitive interface and beautiful design, you can drag and drop card components to import content from Google Drive, Dropbox, and many other services. For your teams, accessing data will not only be easier, it will also have more visual appeal and consistency.

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Bring all your stuff.

Our internal asset management feature is also a robust content delivery network, allowing you to seamlessly connect images, videos, audio, and more, from any location at blazing speeds. Your media loads faster and performs better, for an enhanced user experience.

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Make chats productive.

Cardware is also a framework for better communication. No more “I didn’t get that email”. You can send messages your teams are guaranteed to see and react to. Then check the analytics to make sure they’re engaging like you want them to after receiving your messages.

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Visualize your data.

Build an interface your teams will love using your own data. Import and modify spreadsheets in real-time, with just a few clicks, and then transform those spreadsheets into useful, beautifully arranged cards. Plus, you can highlight key data so teams never miss the details they need to make the most informed decisions.

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Advance your dev.

We didn’t just build Cardware for non-tech people. Stash empowers developers to seamlessly interact with our omni-channel development environment, simplifying the creation of custom logic operations. Plus, our robust connectivity options mean you can link to anything with an API. Yes, anything.

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Get reporting you can use.

Unlock powerful insights using cutting-edge analytics to craft marketing and sales content that truly resonates. AI-driven analysis tools, similar to virtual assistants like Alexa, can provide you with actionable reports, so you can tailor strategies and enhance conversions.

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True intelligence—real and artificial.

Cardware isn’t an AI platform, but it leverages AI for all the things it can do best.

You get incredible speed, automated efficiency and elegant design, backed by smart systems that are constantly improving how your teams get the content they need. Training materials, chat history, live docs—you name it, we can bring it together 

AI is the key to doing it all quickly and intuitively, so your people don’t waste valuable time searching and downloading, and so every employee can be genuinely connected and consistently more productive.

We play well with others.

If it’s got an API, Cardware can integrate with it.  

Adobe Analytics. Dropbox. Mailchimp. Cardware has an automated integration engine for every partner in your MarTech stack, designed to bring your best tools to life in an experience your crew will actually enjoy using. 

Want to do even more? For every unique need your business has, we’ve got a feature that can tackle the issue, to help your business go further.

The world’s top brands already get it.

Our generative AI search helped CBIZ grow millions in revenue. Yes, millions.

We drove Chevrolet’s results with real-time access to thousands of marketing assets.

For Gold’s Gym, it was no pain, all gain. Gyms, instructors and members, all connected by Cardware.

See Cardware in action.

The best way to understand everything Cardware can do is to schedule a one-on-one walk-through. We’ll show you how you can save money, time, and your employees’ sanity. In fact, we’re pretty sure a 30-minute demo could help you transform your business.  

Solve the biggest problem you didn’t know you had—digital sprawl—before it gets worse.

Let us give you a one-on-one demo and help you overcome digital sprawl today.

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