Meet Cardware™.

Organizations don’t need more tech and complexity – they need knowledge, and specific answers quickly. CatalystXL’s digital-flashcard platform simplifies and socializes knowledge transfer, making the right data, content and people easily accessible at the right time.

Immediate & Intuitive Information Exchange

Our innovative Cardware™ platform gives your audience the information they need, when they need it. Fast and easy access to the right content – be it product or service information out of thousands of offerings, or the latest workout tearsheet for members? On-the-go learning? Video conferencing and messaging to initiate conversation around topics? That’s CatalystXL.

Our no-code platform lets any company implement and scale the most powerful and intuitive content system on the market today, in under 48 hours across any device and system.

Say goodbye to digging through inboxes, busy PDF’s and three-ring binders. Say hello to CatalystXL. 

Activate Your Knowledge

Empower sales

Time is money. So is knowledge. Arm your sales team with easy-to-digest, up-to-the-minute product or services information they can learn and share with customers to maximize opportunities and revenue.

Inform Anyone, Anywhere

We live and work on-the-go, but with the right tools, we can incorporate learning into our fast-paced and mobile way of life. Serve up micro-learning that is as fun as it is informative by delivering bite-sized information that is easy to digest, and easy to retain.

Connect Your Network

It doesn’t matter where your audience is today, because they’re always connected. With real-time access to content and each other, they can act quickly and make informed decisions. 

How Does CatalystXL Do It?


Bite-sized flashcard content such as video, text, images and web embeds – easy to locate, consume, and retain.

Real-Time Updates

Real-time content automatically pushed to the app to keep users up-to-date and in-the-know.   


On-demand, information-rich courses anytime, anywhere via smartphone or tablet – no desk required. 

Intelligence Unlocked

Smart forms and filters help surface mission-critical content – sourcing fast answers to pressing questions.

Data & Analytics

Analytics identify better recommendations, and track and report performance for business intelligence.

Company Communications

Post and deliver important updates in real-time, from product releases to special pricing and promotions.

Why Wait? Deploy CatalystXL In 48 Hours Or Less

Our CatalystXL no-code platform can be up and running at scale in 48 hours or less, regardless of legacy IT and other solutions – meaning in just two days, we’ll deliver a custom private-label mobile app to better manage and activate your content. With our API, we can easily integrate with your back-end systems to access and pull your information into the app, condensing heavy catalogues, PDFs and more into a smart, searchable interface that updates in real-time. Information overload? Never again.