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teams video salesforce materials people files data content SaaS together.

Wrangling digital sprawl and rescuing
professionals from information overload.  

We don’t create data, information and content, we make it easier to consume. Our platform utilizes our proprietary system of Cards to house media, from text to images to video to chat, populated through our intuitive CMS, or dynamically, by integrating existing live data systems. Artificial Intelligence surfaces critical information and knowledge, making your workforce a force to be reckoned with.

Used by the worlds best brands

Generative AI search driving double digit revenue growth

Real time access and filtering for 4GB of marketing assets

Sales team client record onboarding from 30 days to1 hour 

Implemented Open AI GPT transformer to search through thousands of PDFs 

The accelerator of initiatives that operate at the speed of now.

We take the mystery and complexity out of delivering information and content experiences that are engaging and elegant. Cardware makes it possible for everyone, from the tech-savvy to the tech-not-so-much, to build, create and communicate. It’s an AI-driven experience platform that makes employees, customers and business partners exponentially smarter, genuinely connected and profoundly productive. 

The suite of integrated features that are 
simply just sweet.

Cardware connects the most used tools in the industry, rescuing users from the frustrations that result from the staggering amount of information digitally communicated in today’s organizations.


Drag and drop content editing. Live results.

Our platform harnesses the power of drag-and-drop components that support all types of media and content—photos, videos, audio files, and more—to empower you to create mobile apps that captivate and engage. With our intuitive interface, you can effortlessly import content from Google Drive, Dropbox, and other services, streamlining your development process. At our platform, we make it easy to integrate a diverse array of digital assets, enhancing both the functionality and the visual appeal of your apps. Experience the future of mobile app development—simplified, stylish, and superior with us.

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Bring your own assets to the party.

Explore, our internal asset management product doubles  as a robust content delivery network, allowing you to seamlessly connect images, videos, audio files, and more from any location directly into your app at blazing speeds. By centralizing your digital assets, we streamline the management process, ensuring that your content is organized and easily accessible. With our advanced delivery network, your media loads faster and performs better, providing an enhanced user experience across all devices.

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Power of push. 

Ease of chat.

Cardware is a framework for better communication.  No more of “I didn’t get that email” responses. Send messages that your team will actually see and react to. And check the analytics to see they engaged like you wanted them to.

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Flex your database muscle.

Our product Model gives you the power to build your app directly using your own data. Import and modify spreadsheets in real-time, and with just one magical click, transform them into arrays of beautifully arranged cards. Plus, you can effortlessly display your key data in interactive tables, charts, and graphs, or export them for use in other applications, ensuring that you always have the flexibility and control you need to make informed decisions.

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Are you developer? Come on in.

We didn’t just build Cardware for non tech people. Stash empowers developers to seamlessly interact with our omni-channel development environment, simplifying the creation of custom logic operations to meet your unique needs. We make it easy to import existing JavaScript code for hooks, ensuring a smooth integration with your current projects. Plus, our robust connectivity options mean you can link to anything with an API, opening up endless possibilities for innovation and integration in your applications. Discover how our platform can elevate your development stack.

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Analyze the performance of your experience layers.

Our platform utilizes cutting-edge analytics from mobile and web user interactions within your company to unlock powerful insights, enabling you to craft marketing and sales content that truly resonates. With features like automated reporting and AI-driven text analysis, similar to virtual assistants like Alexa, we provide you with concise, actionable reports. These insights empower you to tailor your strategies effectively, enhancing engagement and driving conversions across your digital channels. Experience the transformative power of informed decision-making with our platform.

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Did we mention that we play well with others?

If IT is breathing down your neck to use your stack – no worries we got your back. Cardware has an automated integration engine to bring your best tools to life in an experience layer that your crew actually will enjoy using.

Analyze your team like you analyze your customers.

You track how your customers are interacting with your conetnt sot start tracking your team. Bring valuable insights to life and drive change for your organization with studying usage patterns, content access frequency and more in our Intelligence application. Don’t want to look at reports – just get automated results delivered wherever you need them.

Don’t just take our word for it.
Check out our roster. Not too shabby.

With over 100 years of combined SaaS experience our team has connected with some of the worlds greatest brands to provide solutions to solve real problems.
Check out our case studies to see how we took Cardware for a spin to drive change.

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